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San Diego Motorcycle Training    


                                   Begin2ride Motorcycling Skills Training

Our Begin2ride motorcycle training, specifically designed for beginners, has three 3 hour sessions: Begin2ride Session B1, offered in small groups of no more than 5 students per session, will give the beginner rider a great introduction to the exciting world of motorcycling. Discussion includes important danger management techniques, and you will learn and practice how to operate the controls, correct riding posture, shifting with the engines off and with the engines running, proper clutch/throttle control, how to get underway smoothly and how to use both brakes effectively to stop.  This session establishes the foundation skills on which all other skills are build.

In Begin2ride Session B2, Stability and Leaning,  we continue to practice the foundation skills that are so important to controlling a motorcycle.  We also practice techniques to confidently lean the motorcycle, counter steering, to control direction of the motorcycle. Controlling direction and smooth speed adjustments for stability are primary objectives.  In this session we cover all the basic skills to control speed and direction. Every advanced skill is a combination of the skills practiced in this session. 

In Begin2ride Session B3,  Combination Skills, we start combining the basic skills into a complete set of skills to control motorcycle speed and direction. Combination skills are the skills you need to ride any motorcycle with confidence and control. We recommend completing Session B3 before your first ride on the street.     

No license or permit is required to take our beginner motorcycle training. San Diego Motorcycle Training recommends you take Session B1 before you schedule your written test at the DMV. You gain riding experience in this session, which helps you better understand and be more successful with the written test questions.

                                             Begin to ride with a solid foundation!