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San Diego Motorcycle Training has offered educational motorcycle training classes for beginner and intermediate riders since 1979. Our mission is to reduce the fatality and morbidity (disabling injury) rate for motorcyclists.
Riding your first motorcycle is an exciting and special time. Many new riders make the mistake of purchasing a first motorcycle that is not appropriate for their experience level. 
More importantly, new riders need appropriate amounts of time to learn and develop rudimentary skills, and practice important techniques before taking a motorcycle onto the street. Our experience and data demonstrates that the first 6 months of a new rider’s exposure to riding are critical in developing skills for reducing the chance of serious mishaps. 

Learning and practicing on an appropriately sized motorcycle will greatly reduce the chance of mishaps and injuries, and is fun too! Our programs are designed to address distinct stages in the new riders learning process and are strictly aligned with our mission. 

San Diego Motorcycle Training is committed to providing you with, and guiding you toward, the information you need to make an informed choice before you decide to participate in the  dangerous activity of riding a motorcycle on public streets. San Diego Motorcycle Training's beginner motorcycle training sessions are specifically developed for the beginner rider, who has never ridden a motorcycle, or who has very little experience.      
San Diego Motorcycle Training does not mix beginner and experienced riders into the same class. Mixing students of varying skill levels all into the same class creates unnecessary danger to the students, and does not provide the practice time beginners generally need to learn new skills.                                  
We, San Diego Motorcycle Training, also do not test our students during their basic beginner motorcycle training, while they still need to practice and develop their skills: our students are not under the pressure of being tested at the end of the sessions, and this low stress teaching environment reduces chances of mishaps, and allows students to be more relaxed and learn more!                                             

Motorcycling is a wonderful and efficient form of transportation, but it is also a very dangerous activity. The danger level is even higher than most people realize. We, San Diego Motorcycle Training, do not want to discourage you to pick up this fun sport, but we also do not want to encourage you to start riding on the street because motorcyclist fatality rates are extremely and unnecessarily high. Our mission is not to quickly hand over an unrestricted motorcycle license to you. Our mission is to reduce the high morbidity and fatality rates for motorcyclists, and it is our hope that you will never be injured or killed while riding a motorcycle.

San Diego Motorcycle Training provides the beginner rider with skills training specifically developed for beginners for a strong skills foundation, and we want our students to have the knowledge they need to make a good and informed decision for themselves - to ride or not to ride.        

San Diego Motorcycle Training    

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Beginner and intermediate Motorcycle Training 

Every Saturday at the Church of Christ of El Cajon,             523 S. Johnson Ave, El Cajon CA 92020

Every Sunday at Motoworld of El Cajon,                     315 N. Magnolia Ave, El Cajon CA 92020